Rules QSO Party

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Contest:        FT4DMC QSO Party  ( MAR. | JUN. | SEP. | DEC.)

Date:                      23-06-2024
Time:                      17:00 – 17:59 UTC ( 1 hour ) 
Stations to be worked:          ALL, each station ONCE PER BAND
Exchange:              Signal report and Locator, Standard FT4 QSO no Contest Mode!!
QSO points:           1 point per QSO, 1 point for each new locator, first 2 digit 
                                example JN, JO, KN, KO etc
Multiplicators:        1 multiplicator  per new locator (first 2-digit)
Final score:             Sum of QSO points x multiplier points = final score
Bands:                     80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m 
Operating mode:    FT4
Classes:                    SOP LP Single TX
                                 SO QRP Single TX
Power:                      LOW POWER  max. 100W
                                  QRP max. 5W
Operation in FOX (F/H), MSHV Multistream is not permitted!
Send your Log as Cabrillo file (.cbr) to:
Log closing date :                         26-03-2024  23:59 UTC
Manager: OE6VIE
Each participant receives a certificate.
The winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd. place) Low Power and QRP classes will receive a plaque.