The FT4DMC introduces itself

Almost six years after the FT8 Digital Mode Club was founded in 2017, our members were increasingly asking why there were no diplomas for the FT4 operating mode.
The implementation in the already existing diplomas turned out to be too complex (change the templates for over 200 different diplomas). The club name FT8DMC would then no longer have fitted. The solution lay in founding a new club.
So on March 17th, 2023 the FT4DMC was launched. The aim of the club is to promote radio operations in FT4 and, with a moderate number of available diplomas, to create incentives to use this mode of operation more and generally to increase activity on the amateur radio bands (use them or loose them). There are currently 17 different diplomas, with more to come. Membership in the FT4DMC is free and open to all interested parties.
FT4 is becoming more and more popular and many DX-peditions now also use this type of transmission and distribute additional band points. FT4, like FT8, was developed by Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT. Contacts in this mode count like all other digital broadcast types for the Digital (RTTY) DXCC award of the ARRL. The original idea was to only use FT4 for contests. In the meantime, however, regular operations are being carried out. With about 2.5 times the speed of FT8, FT4 is of course very efficient.
As with the FT8DMC, the level of interest is terrific. After just under three weeks, the FT4DMC already has over 1300 members and the first diplomas have been awarded. As with the FT8DMC, the application for and issuing of the diplomas takes place via the UAAC program developed by Heinz, DK5UR, which is used by a total of 9 clubs.
Of course every new member receives a nice membership certificate. We would be happy to welcome you as a new member!

Jo Engelbrecht, OE6VIE (President)         Hannes Grünsteidl, OE1SGU (Vice President)